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The relevance of law also lies in fairness and justice. All countries and international judicial institutions should ensure equal and uniform application of international law and reject double standards and the practice of applying international law in a selective way, thus ensuring genuine equality and justice in the world.


Law is the very foundation of governance.


On the other hand, mankind is also in an era of numerous challenges and increasing risks. Global growth is sluggish, the impact of the financial crisis lingers on and the development gap is widening. Armed conflicts occur from time to time, Cold War mentality and power politics still exist and nonconventional security threats, particularly terrorism, refugee crisis, major communicable diseases and climate changeare spreading.

360多年前《威斯特伐利亚和约》确立的平等和主权原则150多年前《日内瓦公约》确立的国际人道主义精神70 多年前联合国宪章明确的四大宗旨和七项原则60多年前万隆会议倡导的和平共处五项原则国际关系演变积累了一系列公认的原则。这些原则应该成为构建人类命运共同体的基本遵循。

From the principles of equality and sovereignty established in the Peace of Westphalia over 360 years ago to international humanitarianism affirmed in the Geneva Convention 150-plus years ago; from the four purposes and seven principles enshrined in the UN Charter more than 70 years ago to the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence championed by the Bandung Conference over 60 years ago, many principles have emerged in the evolution of international relations and become widely accepted. These principles should guide us in building a community of shared future for mankind.

我们要推进国际关系民主化,不能搞“一国独霸几方共治”。世界命运应该由各国共同掌握,国际规则应该由各国共同书写,全球事务应该  由各国共同治理,发展成果应该由各国共同分享。

We should advance democracy in international relations and reject dominance by just one or several countries. All countries should jointly shape the future of the world, write international rules, manage global affairs and ensure that development outcomes are shared by all.


History, if not forgotten, can serve as a guide for the future.


Major powers should respect each other’s core interests and major concerns, keep their differences under control and build a new model of relations featuring non-conflict, non-confrontation, mutual respect and win- win cooperation. As long as we maintain communication and treat each other with sinceritythe “Thucydides trap” can be avoided.


United we stand, divided we fall.


Pandemic diseases such as bird flu, Ebola and Zika have sounded the alarm for international health security. The WHO should play a leadership role in strengthening epidemic monitoring and sharing of information, practices and technologies.

本世纪初以来,在联合国主导下,借助经济全球化,国际社会制定和实施了千年发展目标和2030年可持续发展议程,推动11 亿人口脱贫,19亿人口获得安全饮用水, 35亿人口用上互联网等,还将在2030年实现零贫困。

Since the turn of the century, under the auspices of the UN and riding on the waves of economic globalization, the international community has set the Millennium Development Goals and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Thanks to these initiatives, 1.1 billion people have been lifted out of poverty, 1.9 billion people now have access to safe drinking water, 3.5 billion people have gained access to the Internet, and the goal has been set to eradicate extreme poverty by 2030.

2008年爆发的国际金融危机启示我们,引导经济全球化健康发展,需要加强协调、完善治理,推动建设一个开放、包容、普惠、平衡、共赢的经济全球化,既要做大蛋糕, 更要分好蛋糕,着力解决公平公正问题。

The 2008 international financial crisis teaches us that we should strengthen coordination and improve governance so as to ensure sound growth of economic globalization and make it open, inclusive, balanced and beneficial to all. We should both make the cake bigger and share it fairly to ensure justice and equity.


Delicious soup is made by combining different ingredients.


There are more than 200 countries and regions, over 2,500 ethnic groups and multiple religions in our world. Different histories, national conditions, ethnic groups and customs give birth to different civilizations and make the world a colorful one. There is no such thing as a superior or inferior civilization, and civilizations are different only in identity and location.


Industrialization has created material wealth never seen before, but it has also inflicted irreparable damage to the environment. We must not exhaust all the resources passed on to us by previous generations and leave nothing to our children or pursue development in a destructive way. Clear waters and green mountains are as good as mountains of gold and silver. We must maintain harmony between man and nature and pursue sustainable development.

1950年至2016年,中国累计对外提供援款 4000多亿元人民币,今后将继续在力所能 及的范围内加大对外帮扶。国际金融危机 爆发以来,中国经济增长对世界经济增长 的贡献率年均在30%以上。未来5年,中 国将进口 8万亿美元的商品,吸收6000亿 美元的外来投资,中国对外投资总额将达 到7500亿美元,出境旅游将达到7亿人次。 这将为世界各国发展带来更多机遇。

Between 1950 and 2016, China provided foreign countries with over 400 billion yuan of aid, and we will continue to increase assistance to others as its ability permits. Since the outbreak of the international financial crisis, China has contributed to over 30% of global growth each year on average. In the coming five years, China will import eight trillion US dollars of goods, attract 600 billion US dollars of foreign investment, make 750 billion US dollars of outbound investment, and Chinese tourists will make 700 million outbound visits. All this will bring more development opportunities to other countries.

中国将努力构建总体稳定、均衡发展的大 国关系框架,积极同美国发展新型大国关 系,同俄罗斯发展全面战略协作伙伴关系, 同欧洲发展和平、增长、改革、文明伙伴关系,同金砖国家发展团结合作的伙伴关系。

China will endeavor to put in place a framework of relations with major powers featuring general stability and balanced growth. We will strive to build a new model of major country relations with the United States, a comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination with Russia, partnership for peace, growth, reform and among different civilizations with Europe, and a partnership of unity and cooperation with BRICS countries.


One should be good at finding the laws of things and solving problems.


As a Chinese saying goes, the crow of the golden rooster heralds a great day for all.



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