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会计报表statement of account往来账目account current现在往来账/存款额current account销货账account sales共同计算账项joint account未决账项outstanding account贷方账项credit account/creditor account借方账项debit account/debtor account应付账/应付未付账account payable应收账/应收未收账account receivable新交易/新账new account未决账/老账old account现金账cash account流水账running account暂记账/未定账suspense account过期账/延滞账overdue account/pastdue account杂项账户sundry account详细账单/明细表detail account呆账bad account会计项目title of account会计薄/账薄account-book营业报告书/损益计算表account of business/business report借贷细账/交验账account rendered明细账account stated与... 银行开立一户头to open an account with与... 银行建立交易to keep account with继续记账to keep account与... 有交易to have an account with作成会计账/有往来账项 to make out an account with清算/清理债务to make up an account清洁账目/与... 停止交易to close one's account with结账to close an account清理未付款to ask an account/to demand an account结清差额to balance the account with清算to settle an account/to liquidate an account/to square an account审查账目/监查账目to audit an account检查账目to examine an account转入A的账户to charge the amount to A's account以计账方式付款to pay on account代理某人/为某人on one's account/on account of one为自己计算/独立账目on one's own account由某人收益并负风险on one's account and risk/for one's account and risk由某人负担for one's account/for account of one按某人指示/列入某人账户by order and for account of one列入5月份账目for May account编入某中账项下to pass to the account of/to place to the account of寄出清算书to send in an account/to send in render an account 支票用语支票薄 cheque book支票陈票人cheque drawer持票人cheque holder不记名支票cheque to bearer/bearer cheque记名支票/认人支票cheque to order到期支票antedated cheque未到期支票postdated cheque保付支票certified cheque未获兑现支票,退票returned cheque横线支票crossed cheque普通横线general crossing特别横线special crossing空白支票blank cheque失效支票,过期支票stale cheque普通支票open cheque打10%折扣的10000元支票,(即9000元)a cheque for $10,000, less 10% discount加10%费用的10000元支票,(即11000元)a cheque for $10,000, plus 10% charges支票换现金/兑现to cash a cheque清理票款to clear a cheque保证兑现to certify a cheque填写支票数额to fill up a cheque支票上划线to cross a cheque开发支票to make out a cheque签发支票,开立支票to draw a cheque/to issue a cheque透支支票to overdraw a cheque背书支票to endorse a cheque请付票款/清付票款to pay a cheque/to honour a cheque支票退票to dishonour a cheque拒付支票to refuse a cheque拒付支票to stop payment of a cheque提示要求付款to present for payment见票即付持票人payable to bearer支付指定人payable to order已过期/无效out of date/stale请给出票人R/D/refer to drawer存款不足N/S/N.S.F./not sufficient funds/I/F/insufficient funds文字与数字不一致words and figures differ支票交换时间已过account closed更改处应加盖印章alterations require initials交换时间已过effects not cleared停止付款payment stopped支票毁损cheque mutilated 汇款用语汇款/寄钱to remit/to send money寄票供取款/支票支付to send a cheque for payment寄款人a remitter收款人a remittee汇票汇单用语 国外汇票foreign Bill国内汇票inland Bill跟单汇票documentary bill空头汇票accommodation bill原始汇票original bill改写/换新票据renewed bill即期汇票sight bill/bill on
demand... 日后付款 ... days after date/... days' after date... 月后付款 ... months after date/... months' after date见票后... 日付款... days' after sight/... days' sight见票后... 月付款... months' after sight/... months' sight同组票据set of bills单张汇票sola of exchange/sole of exchange远期汇票usance bill/bill at usance长期汇票long bill短期汇票short bill逾期汇票overdue bill宽限日期days of grace电汇telegraphic transfer (T.T)邮汇postal order/postal note (Am.)/post office order/money order本票promissory note (P/N)押汇负责书/押汇保证书letter of hypothecation副保/抵押品/付属担保物collateral security担保书trust receipt/letter of indemnity承兑/认付acceptance单张承兑general acceptance有条件承兑qualified acceptance附条件认付conditional acceptance部分认付partial acceptance拒付/退票dishonor拒绝承兑而退票dishonor by non-acceptance由于存款不足而退票dishonor by non-payment提交presentation背书endorsement/indorsement无记名背书general endorsement/blank endorsement记名式背书special endorsement/full endorsement附条件背书conditional endorsement限制性背书restrictive endorsement无追索权背书endorsement without recourse期满/到期maturity托收collection新汇票/再兑换汇票re-exchange/re-draft外汇交易exchange dealing/exchange deals汇兑合约exchange contract汇兑合约预约forward exchange contract外汇行情exchange quotation交易行情表course of exchange/exchange table汇价/兑换率exchange rate/rate of exchange官方汇率official rate挂牌汇率/名义汇率nominal rate现汇汇率spot rate电汇汇率/电汇率/T.T. rate/telegraphic transfer rate兑现率/兑现汇率demand rate长期汇率long rate私人汇票折扣率rate on a private bill远期汇票兑换率forward rate套价/套汇汇率/裁定外汇行情cross rate付款汇率pence rate当日汇率/成交价currency rate套汇/套价/公断交易率arbitrage汇票交割/汇票议付negotiation of draft交易人/议付人negotiator票据交割/让与支票票据议付to negotiatie a
bill折扣交割/票据折扣to discount a bill票据背书to endorse a bill应付我差额51,000美元a balance due to us of $51,000/a balance in our favour of $ 51,000收到汇款to receive remittance填写收据to make out a receipt 付款用语付款方法mode of payment现金付款payment by cash/cash payment/payment by ready cash以支票支付payment by cheque以汇票支付payment by bill以物品支付payment in kind付清/支付全部货款payment in full/full payment支付部分货款/分批付款payment in part/part payment/partial payment记账付款/会计账目内付款payment on account定期付款payment on term年分期付款annual payment月分期付款monthly payment/monthly installment延滞付款payment in arrear预付货/先付payment in advance/prepayment延付货款deferred payment立即付款prompt payment/immediate payment暂付款suspense payment延期付款delay in payment/extension of payment支付票据payment bill名誉支付/干与付款payment for honour/payment by intervention结账/清算/支付settlement分期付款installment滞付/拖欠/尾数款未付arrears特许拖延付款日days of grace保证付款del credere付款to pay/to make payment/to make effect payment结账to settle/to make settlement/to make effect settlement/to square/to balance支出/付款to defray/to disburse结清to clear off/to pay off请求付款to ask for payment/to request payment恳求付账to solicit payment拖延付款to defer payment/to delay payment付款被拖延to be in arrears with payment还债to discharge迅速付款to pay promptly付款相当迅速to pay moderately well/to pay fairly well/to keep the engagements regularly付款相当慢to pay slowly/to take extended credit付款不好to pay badly/to be generally in arrear with payments付款颇为恶劣to pay very badly/to never pay unless forced拒绝付款to refuse payment/to refuse to pay/to dishonor a bill相信能收到款项We shall look to you for the payment/We shall depend upon you for the payment /We expect payment from you惠请付款kindly pay the amount/please forward payment/please forward a cheque.我将不得不采取必要步骤运用法律手段收回该项货款I shall be obliged to take the necessary steps to legally recover the amount. /I shall be compelled to take steps to enforce payment.惠请宽限let the matter stand over till then./allow me a short extension of time. /Kindly postpone the time for payment a little longer.索取利息to charge interest附上利息to draw interest/to bear interest/to allow interest生息to yield interest生息3%to yield 3%存款to deposit in a bank/to put in a bank/to place on deposit/to make deposit在银行存款to have money in a bank/to have a bank account/to have money on deposit向银行提款to withdraw one's deposit from a bank换取现金to convert into money/to turn into cash/to realize
从价格打10%的折扣to make a discount of 10% off the price/to make 10% discount off the price打折扣购买to buy at a discount打折扣出售to sell at a discount打折扣-让价to reduce/to make a reduction减价to deduct/to make a deduction回扣to rebate现金折扣cash discount货到付款/现金提货cash on deliver (C.O.D.)货到付现款cash on arrival即时付款prompt cash净价/最低价格付现net cash现金付款ready cash即期付款spot cash/cash down/cash on the nail凭单据付现款cash against documents凭提单付现款cash against bills of lading承兑交单documents against acceptance (D/A)付款交单documents against payment (D/P)
除非另有说明, 30日后全额付现, 如有错误, 请立即通知。Net cash 30 days unless specified otherwise. Advise promptly if incorrect.付款条件:30日后全额付现, 10日后付现打2%折扣, 过期后付款时, 加上利率为6%的利息。Terms, net cash 30 days, or, less 2% 10 days. Interest charged at the rate of 6% after maturity.付款条件: 月底后10日后付现2%折扣, 现在付现3%折扣, 否则, 全额付现。Terms: 2%, 10 days E.O.M., or 3% cash, otherwise strictly net.
追加信用证additional credit/additional L/C信用证金额amount of credit赊账金额credit balance可撤消信用证revocable L/C不可撤消信用证irrevocable L/C保兑信用证confirmed L/C不保兑信用证unconfirmed L/C可转让信用证assignable L/C/transferable L/C银行信用证banker's L/C有追索权信用证with recourse L/C无追索权信用证without recourse L/C单一信用证simple credit无条件信用证open credit/free credit普通信用证general letter of credit旅行信用证circular letter of credit特别信用证special letter of credit信用证底账letter of credit ledger信用证发行账letter of credit issued account信用证金额amount of credit信用证余额/信用证结欠credit balance开立信用证to open a credit通过银行开立信用证to establish a credit through a
bank电开信用证to cable a credit取消信用证to cancel a credit开出信用证to issue a credit在某银行开立信用证to arrange a credit with a bank修改信用证to amend a credit延展信用证有效期to extend a credit增加信用证面额to increase a credit寄出信用证to send a credit请发给信用证to take out a credit
我们已开出以贵方为受益人的保兑信用证。 We nave opened a confirmed credit in your favour.
以贵方为受益人, 我们开出不可撤消的的保兑信用证。 We have opened a confirmed and irrevocable credit in your favour.
我们被请求已开出以贵方为受益人的信用证, 特此通知。 We are pleased to inform you that we have been requested to open a credit in your favour.
我们已开出商业信用证, 特此通知。 We intimate to you that we have issued a commercial letter of credit.
请入收款人的户号account payee请支付票款advice to pay cheques惠请通知该支票的经过advise fate金额有错误accounts differ文字与数字所记载金额不同words and figures differ签名有误|印鉴不符signatures differ请明天再次提出为荷present again tomorrow保证付款good for payment请照会发票人refer to drawee (R.D.)无交易no account款额不足/存款不足not sufficient (N.S.)/no sufficient funds (N.S.F.)已无存款no funds如支票不获兑现时, 不必出具拒绝证书。notto be protested in case of dishonor/protest waived/no protest需要出具拒绝证书to be
protested没有通知no advice未受指示no orders禁止转让/不可转让non-transferable/not transferable已付款received payment/payment received上开价金已收到 value received/for value received上开价金系经核算value in account上开金额与发票相同value as per invoice上开金额与通知书相符value as per advice无追索权without recourse有追索权/偿还请求权right of recourse请求偿还清单/清偿账户recourse account偿还准备金recourse fund拒绝偿还/拒绝追索recourse repudiation
We shall be pleased to receive a fixed deposit for any amount more than $1,000, for a period over six months at the rate of 6% p.a.
Enclosed please find a new deposit certificate No. 500 for $100,000, which represents the principal and interest of the old certificate you sent us for renewal.
We shall be glad to receive deposits of 100 yen and upward.
结算到目前为止,我公司应收账尚有二万美元。兹奉上结算报告书一份,敬请查收为荷。Enclosed we hand you a statement of account to date, showing a balance of $20,000 in our favour, which we trust will be found in order.
This account is under examination, and if found correct, it shall be carried to a new account, in conformity with your instructions.
Your favour of yesterday was duly received, and we hand you herewith a statement of your account as requested, which we hope you will find correct.
We hand you our account on the bar iron, amounting to $512,000, which kindly pass to our credit.
an early remittance will be appreciated.
迟付的60美元, 请速予寄下为荷。
Please let us have your check for the $60 now past overdue.
有鉴于此, 相信贵方将随复函寄来支票, 特此致谢。
With these facts before you , we feel sure that you will send us your check by return mail. Thank you.
我们恳求, 对此部分能速予结账为荷。
We urge that you make this settlement without delay.
Why not settle this matter now? Just attach your check to this letter, and send it by today's mail.
Having made repeated applications for payment of this amount without avail, we now give you notice that we shall take out a summons for recovery of the same.
We wish to state that if the account be not paid by Monday next, we shall be forced to place the matter in the hands o four solicitors.
In spite of your repeated promises to let us have a cheque, we are still without a settlement of your outstanding account, and therefore, unless same is settled by the end of this month, we shall be compelled to hand over the matter to our solicitor.
As you seem to take advantage of you leniency in this matter, we now give you the final notice that, unless we shall receive a substantial amount on account by return of post, we shall adopt other measures for its recovery.
汇票汇款例文兹同函奉上支票面额50000元,请记入近藤幸造先生的账款内,同时请寄收 据二份为荷。
Herewith we enclose a cheque, value $50,000, which please place to the credit of Mr. K.Kondo, and acknowledge receipt to us in duplicate.
By order and for account of Mr.Satoh, I hand you enclosed a draft for $200,000 at sight, which please pass to the credit of his account.
I send you herewith a cheque, value $250,000, receipt of which please acknowledge.
In settlement of your invoice of 1st May, $125,000, we enclose a draft, on the Mitsuo Bank, for which amount please credit our account and acknowledge receipt.
We acknowledge receipt of your cheque, $100,000, in settlement of the charges on the consignment, and pass this sum to your credit, with best thanks.
We are in due receipt of your favour of yesterday, covering a cheque for $55,000, for which we thank you.
我们已收到贵方5月5日函及同函附寄的面额51250元的汇票一张,用以结清贵方账款。We are duly in receipt of your favour of the 5th May, enclosing a draft, value $51,250, to balance your account.
We acknowledge with thanks the receipt of the cheque for $31,250, in settlement of your account to 15th May.
We have this day drawn the following bill of exchange on your esteemed firm- No.123, $500,000, payable at sight.
We have to acquaint you that, in accordance with your instructions, we have this day drawn upon Messrs, tanaka& Co., at 60d/s for $200,000, inclusive of charges.
We advise you that we have drawn on you this day for $100,000, at 3m/d, to the order of yourself, which we commend to your kind protection.
We have the pleasure to inform you that we have drawn this day on you for $500,000, at 3m/s. for which we have credited you as usual.
As the wines are not yet disposed of, nor likely to be for some time, we cannot obey Mr. Saito's orders as to drawing on you or remitting you the balance at present.
Should you have an opportunity, you may draw on me for the cost of coal, together with that of insurance, which you will be so good as to effect on the outward cargo to its full value, with an addition of five per cent, to cover expenses in case of loss.
For your reimbursement, you will draw on me at sixty days' sight, and at the most favourable exchange, furnishing me at the same time, with an invoice, bill of lading and insurance policy.
For the amount of your invoice, you will be so good as to draw on Messrs. A & Co. of Hamburg, at three months' date, and forward them a bill of lading, requesting them to effect insurance.
We have taken the liberty of drawing on you today against this consignment for $500,000 at sixty days' sight, which please protect on presentation.
I take liberty to trouble you with the enclosed draft for $50, at thirty days' sight, on Mr. Black of Axbridge, which I shall be obliged by your getting accepted, and retaining in your possession until due, at which time you can remit me the amount.
我公司伦敦分公司开出面额300,000元的汇票一张,兹同函奉上,请承兑后寄还为荷。Enclosed we hand you a draft, $300,000, drawn on you by our London house. Kindly accept same and return.
同函奉上神户Brown兄弟公司向贵公司开出的汇票一张,恳请惠予承兑后并及时寄还为荷。Herewith we hand you a draft from Messrs. Brown & Bros., of Kobe, on your good selves, which please accept and return to us in due course.
We hand you enclosed a draft, value $500,000 at sight, on the Mitsuki Bank of your city, receipt of which please acknowledge.
Enclosed is a sight draft for $26.15 on Messrs. Robert & Sons, which clears off our indebtedness to you.
谨同函奉上以George Bury公司为付款人、面额500美元见票后60日付款的第一联汇票一张,请办理手续取款后,记我的贷方账户为荷。
Enclosed you will receive first of exchange for $500 at sixty days' sight, on George Bury &Co., with which you will please to do the needful, and credit my account accordingly.
Enclosed please find five bills of exchange, as noted at foot, amounting to $5,620,000.
承兑汇票贵方9月1日函及所附以George Bury公司为付款人、面额500美元见票后60日付款的汇票一张均已收悉,现已获得及时承兑,到期后将记入贵方贷方账户。
I am favoured with your esteemed letter of the first Sept., enclosing $500 in a bill at sixty days' sight, on George Bury & Co., which, having been duly honoured, will appear to your credit at maturity.
Your three drafts on Martin & Co., to my order, have been accepted by Smith & Co.
贵方10月7日开出的,票面日期30天后付款、由贵方指定付款人的汇票,将及时获得承兑。Your draft under date of 7th Oct., at 30 days' date to your own order, will be duly honoured.
We regret to state that the bill for $560,000 on Mr. sutoh, has been dishonoured by non-payment, and we shall be obliged by your remitting us $567,500, amount of same and charges incurred.
We state that your draft, No. 2345, for $2,500,000, duly accepted by Mr. Yano, has been dishonoured by non-payment.
The draft for $1,000,000 which, as I advised you on the 1st March had not been accepted, having since become due and not being discharged, I have now to return it to you with a protest for non-payment, together with an account of my commission and charges, amounting to $1,013,500,
for which I have drawn on you at sight, to the order of Mr. Ohki.
Our Mr. Osawa is away in Osaka on an urgent business, and will not return until the 1st May, and so if you will kindly let the matter stand over till then, we will send you a cheque by the first post on the 2nd of the same month.
As we expect to receive three large sums within the next few days, days, we will send you some money by Monday at the latest.
I shall be very much obliged if you will give me a little more time to settle your account due 1st June.
We regret that we are not able at the moment to make you a settlement.
We are afraid it will be impossible for us to settle your account by the 16th July next--the date you mention—but we shall be willing to accept a bill for the settlement at 2 m/date.
Owing to the serious depression of trade now prevailing, we shall be unable to meet our acceptance for $1,500, which matures for payment on the 18th Oct.
Enclosed I wait on you with your account current, balance carried to your debit this day in a new account, $15.7, which I trust you find correct.
Enclosed I now wait on you with your account current, leaving a balance of $500 in my favour, which if found correct, you will be so good as to pass to a new account.
I hand you, enclosed, your account current, showing a balance in my favour of $500.
The customer pays the installments direct to us, after delivery of the articles and we send him the receipts.
You have on hire from us a sewing machine, for which we hold your written agreement to make regular payments at the rate of $15 per month.
As the machine was hired to you on the understanding that regular payments would be made, we must ask that in future the terms of the agreement should be strictly adhered to.
Please note that our pay day for Town Accounts is Wednesday of any Week, between the hours of 11 a.m. and 3 p.m., but we expect creditors to send representatives to agree to amounts for settlement at least three days prior to calling for their cheques.
The account is subject to 10% discount if settled within fifteen days of rendering, after which it is strictly net